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Three Affordable, Beautiful Bare Land Lots on Francois Lake, BC
Three Affordable, Beautiful Bare Land Lots on Francois Lake, BC
3 stunning lots near Birch Bay Resort, each 5± acres in size. Excellent year-round access. Shared pump house which draws from lake, easements in place. Parcels are in a parklike state & teaming with natural beauty & wildlife. Ideal location to construct a family cabin.
  • Size: From 5.02 acres
  • Area: OMINECA
  • Price: From $59,000
  • Listing Agent: Chase Westersund - chase@landquest.com
  • Phone Number: 778-927-6634

  • Listing Agent: Cole Westersund - cole@landquest.com
  • Phone Number: 604-360-0793
Size :
Lot Size Price
Lot A 5.02 acres $74,000
Lot B 5.02 acres $59,000
DL 5003 5.66 acres $249,000 - NEW PRICE
Description :

This is an extremely affordable opportunity to own a spectacular piece of land on one of the most beautiful and pristine lakes in all of British Columbia. There are three individual lots offered for sale individually, or as a contiguous unit. The lots are well laid out and offer quick and easy access to Francois Lake.

The individual lots have been meticulously kept with deadfall and underbrush wonderfully maintained in a park like state. Ancient virgin forest adorns all three lots and creates a wonderfully natural and cozy atmosphere. The topography on each lot is largely flat with some increases in elevation, particularly on DL 5003, as you approach the lake. This lakefront parcel (DL 5003) has approx. 530 ft of shoreline and some unique rock outcroppings, which protrude upwards from the lake’s edge creating a harmonious vantage point from where you can see clear across Francois Lake. Hydro right of way and driveway has been installed to a probable home site at the lake shore on DL 5003

The individual lots have been thoughtfully subdivided, so that each lot has easy access, and full utility. There is a pumphouse on DL 5003, which draws water from Francois Lake and water lines have been run from the pumphouse to Lots A and B. The necessary easements have been registered on title for when it is time to energize the pumphouse.

There is timber value on each lot and if a new owner were inclined to conduct some selective logging, the timber value could easily pay for a large portion of the original purchase price.

There are several cleared sites on each individual lot ready for the construction of a cabin, or home. If a new owner prefers a different location on the property to construct a residence, this may be easily accomplished by clearing out some of the timber in a different location.

These lots are extremely private with nothing to hear except the breeze rustling through the tree bows above, the birds singing on the breeze and the lake water gently lapping against the shoreline. Rarely does such an affordable opportunity come about to purchase a sizable acreage in a region so pristine. This is an opportunity you will want to grab!

Location : These lots are located on Francois Lake near Birch Bay Resort off the Francois Lake Road. Lot A occupies the most northerly portion of the subdivision, while Lot B occupies the northeast/eastern portion of the subdivision. DL 5003 forms the southern boundary of the subdivision and abuts directly next to Francois Lake.
Access : When headed to the lots from Fraser Lake, exit of Highway 16 west of Fraser Lake onto Francois Lake Road. Follow Francois Lake Road for approximately 29 km until the intersection with Schooner Road (on South side of Francois Lake Road). Turn onto Schooner Road and you will have arrived at the lots.
Improvements :
  • Outhouses
  • Water outlets
  • Pumphouse (DL 5003)
  • Hydro right of way and driveway installed on DL 5003
Services :
  • Electricity at lot line
  • Water ready to be energized
Recreation :

The region surrounding the subdivision is famous for its outdoor recreational opportunities. The following activities are available:

The property sits in Management Unit 6-4 offering hunting opportunities for whitetail deer, mule deer, moose, bear and game bird species.

The entire region surrounding the property is famous for its snowmobiling opportunities. There is ample annual snow fall to ensure plenty of snowmobiling opportunity.

The same snow, which affords excellent snowmobiling opportunity, provides excellent slope conditions. Taber Mountain and Purden Ski Village, or Smithers are all within driving distance of the property. For more rugged skiing/snowboarding adventures, you may drive north to Powder King Mountain in the Pine Pass.

The lots are in the immediate vicinity of Francois Lake and an infinite number of additional waterbodies. This generates enormous opportunities to go boating, canoeing, fishing and a host of other water activities.

With all the surrounding crownland and nature the options for hiking and camping are endless.

The summer climate is ideal for a large and expansive garden providing the opportunity to become very self-reliant from produce perspective.

Urban Recreation
With Prince George 2 hours away, the opportunity to go out on the town is always available. The Prince George Cougars (WHL) always provide excellent entertainment. There are fitness centers, pools, restaurants, bars and everything else you could possibly need. <?p>

Vegetation : The properties contain a mixture of fir, aspen, birch and poplar. The surrounding hillsides are a mixture of open grasslands, and thick tree cover. The long summer days make this region excellent for growing large gardens and a variety of ornamental trees and shrubbery.
Area Data :

Francois Lake is approx. 110 km (68 miles) long, making it the second largest natural lake in British Columbia. It offers excellent rainbow trout and char fishing. Rainbow trout over 3 pounds and lake trout (char) over 20 pounds are not uncommon. With a lake of this size, watersports of all sorts are popular, with opportunities for boating, kayaking and canoeing. This area has many forest recreation sites, which offer many trails for hiking and mountain biking. In the winter, ice fishing, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling is popular.

Fort Fraser is an unincorporated community of about 500 people, situated near the base of Fraser Mountain close to the village municipality of Fraser Lake and the Nechako River. Originally established in 1806 as a North West Company fur trading post by the explorer Simon Fraser, it is one of present-day British Columbia's oldest permanent European-founded settlements. The area around the community is also recorded as the site of the first land in British Columbia cultivated by non-First Nations people.

Fraser Lake is a village in northern British Columbia. It is located on the southwest side of Fraser Lake between Burns Lake and Vanderhoof, alongside the Yellowhead Highway. The attractive lakeside community of Fraser Lake lies alongside the Yellowhead Highway, west of the city of Prince George. The pioneer roots of the area's history date back to the fur trade, with the establishment in 1806 of a fur-trading post by Simon Fraser, at Fort Fraser near the east end of Fraser Lake.

Prince George, with a population of 74,003, is the largest city in northern British Columbia and is the "Northern Capital" of BC. It is the most major municipality near the property. Situated at the confluence of the Fraser and Nechako Rivers, and the crossroads of Highway 16 and Highway 97, the city is the service and supply hub for one of the fastest-growing regions in Canada and plays an important role in the province's economy and culture.

Prince George is the dominant economic center of the region. Public sector and education based jobs dominate the municipality’s economy. Presently the Northern Health Authority, stationed in Prince George, possess a $450 million budget and have invested $100 million into local infrastructure. UNBC, the College of New Caledonia and School District #57 adds a further $750 million into the local economy.

The city’s economy was once dominated by the lumber sector; however, the Fraser-Fort George Regional District has experienced extensive closures of the region’s lumber mills. This has been attributed to the movement towards “super mills,” a loss of supply caused by the prevalence of the Mountain Pine Beetle and US tariffs on lumber exports. It is predicted that mining exploration and development will soon supersede the lumber industry, as the dominant industry in Prince George and the surrounding areas. Additionally, Initiatives Prince George estimates that the Nechako Basin contains 5,000,000 barrels of oil, which could help diversify the region’s economy further through the commencement of petroleum harvesting operations.

Presently, the city of Prince George has a number of private enterprises and facilities operating in and contributing to its local economy. These facilities include:

  • Two chemical plants
  • An oil refinery
  • Brewery
  • Dairy
  • Machine shops
  • Aluminum boat construction
  • Value added forestry
  • Specialty equipment manufacturing

Prince George has a large regional airport offering daily flights to major destinations.

History : Francois Lake got its current name by mistake. The Carrier First Nations named the lake Nitapoen Lip Lake because of its shape. The early settlers mistook ‘Nita’ for white man and the lake was named ‘Lac de Francois’ because most of the early settlers at the time were French Canadian voyageurs. During the early years, the residents pronounced it ‘Francis Lake”, however, it is now known as “Francois Lake”.
Zoning : RR-1
Legal :

Lot A DL 5003 Range 5 Coast District Plan EPP41811
PID 030-057-671

Lot B DL 5003 Range 5 Coast District Plan EPP41811
PID 030-057-680

DL 5003 Range 5 Coast District except Plans 8789, BCP49192 & EPP41811
PID 010-322-175

Taxes :
  • Lot A - $315 (2018)
  • Lot B - $315 (2018)
  • DL 5003 - $1,482 (2018)
Map Reference : Lot A - 54° 0'32.47"N and 125°15'35.41"W
Lot B - 54° 0'30.09"N and 125°15'40.05"W
DL 5003 - 54° 0'24.58"N and 125°15'39.04"W
Listing # : 19131