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179 Affordable Acres of Pristine Wilderness and Fertile Farmland - Baker Creek, BC
179 Affordable Acres of Pristine Wilderness and Fertile Farmland - Baker Creek, BC
Your opportunity to purchase 179 stunning acres in the pristine region of Baker Creek. Extremely affordable to commence or supplement your very own farming operation. With nearly 40 acres in hay production, fencing/cross-fencing & complete privacy.
  • Size: 179 acres ~ 2 titles
  • Area: CARIBOO
  • Price: NEW PRICE $145,000
  • Listing Agent: Chase Westersund - chase@landquest.com
  • Phone Number: 778-927-6634

  • Listing Agent: Cole Westersund - cole@landquest.com
  • Phone Number: 604-360-0793
Description :

Very affordable 179 acres of mixed farm land and wilderness situated on two large titles. There is approximately 40 acres of lush fertile farm land which occupies the valley floor on the property. The hay field is dissected by a slowly meandering creek acting as source of water for the property. There is rich, black soil all throughout the main portion of the property. The hay fields are capable of producing approximately 210 hay bales per cut. The property is also perimeter fenced with cross fencing, making it suitable to run cattle.

The gentle ridges surrounding either side of the hay field are timbered with thick pockets of new and old growth coniferous. There is certainly timber value on the property for someone looking to harvest. Harvesting some of the timber would also help expand pasture and even additional haying opportunities permitting a new owner to develop a substantial beef cow operation whilst profiting from harvested timber. This would help increase the overall agricultural utility of the property.

There is a homestead location on the property with extended private driveway. The property is easily accessed from the 3800 Forest Service Road and the road ways are fully maintained directly to the property. This is an off-grid property, permitting you to connect back to the land.

Location : This property is located in the Baker Creek region of British Columbia approximately 24 km south of the Nazko highway, as the crow flies.
Access : From the junction of the Nazko Road and Tibbles Road, turn south onto Tibbles Road and proceed south for 7.4 km until the Junction with the Lavington Road. Turn off Tibbles Road onto the Lavington Road and continue to proceed south for approximately 22 km. Once you reach the juncture with the 3800 Forest Service Road, turn right (west) and continue for approximately 7.4 km at which point, the main hay field will be on the west side of the roadway.
Investment Features :
  • 40 acres in hay production
  • Fenced and cross-fenced
  • Timber
Recreation :

Baker Creek is famous for its recreational pursuits. If you are a trail riding enthusiast, the area offers thousands of kilometres of trails and logging road access for quads, dirt bikes and snowmobiles.

The numerous lakes and water bodies nearby provides ample opportunity for water sports and fishing. A variety of fish species can be caught throughout the region, but most common to the immediate area are rainbow trout and char. This is a renowned trout fishing area.

For hunting and wildlife viewing enthusiasts, the property holds resident moose and mule deer, which may be seen early in the morning or at dusk all from the front porch. The property sits in Management Unit 5-13 and offers general tags for mule deer, whitetail and black bear. There is also a long season for grouse and other game birds, which frequent the property. A growing flock of sandhill cranes continue to visit the region on an annual basis.

Vegetation : Lodgepole pine is the dominant tree species in the Baker Creek region. In areas of low lying wetlands, white spruce may be found in abundance. Because the property has areas of lowland marsh, you may come across several species of marsh grass and thick sections of willow. Pine tends to dominate the ridges on the property while the marsh grass and willow is concentrated in the lower sections of the property. There is enormous opportunity to open the property up for grazing purposes.
Area Data :

Baker Creek is a highly sought after recreational area, due to its raw beauty and seclusion along with its easy access to the town and employment center of Quesnel. There are several large lakes in the area including Puntataenkut Lake, Teltierone Lake, Tiltzarone Lake and Puntchesakut Lake. The region has enormous tracts of public land with logging roads and trails providing excellent year-round access and exploration opportunity.

Quesnel is the closest urban center with a population of approximately 10,000. Quesnel is a logging and transportation hub. The town is surrounded with productive forests and sits conveniently on Highway 97 between the urban centers of Williams Lake and Prince George. Quesnel offers all the modern necessities required to supply and service your rural property in Baker Creek. Sylvia’s Café is a short trip up the road if you need basic items and do not have time to drive into Quesnel.

History :

The region surrounding Quesnel was made famous by the Gold Rush, which occurred starting in the mid 19th century. The Gold Rush caused a major influx in the number of people moving to the area and in 1861 it was said that the town of Barkerville (east of Quesnel) was the most populous city in North America east of Chicago and north of San Francisco. Many remnants of this time-period remain throughout the region, as evidenced by the numerous historical buildings in and around Quesnel.

Baker Creek and Nazko became famous cowboying centers, as cowboys would summer thousands of cattle in the high country surrounding Nazko and Baker Creek and then drive them into auction at Quesnel each year. Alexander Mackenzie was one of the first Europeans to visit the Baker Creek and Nazko region of the province in 1793, as he was guided through by the Carrier First Nation tribe.

The cowboys found it difficult to make a living in the early days with poor access to supplies, long distances to market and sporadic weather conditions.

Zoning : R/A
Legal :

DL 9921 Cariboo District
PID 015-681-891

DL 12324 Cariboo District
PID 015-681-904

Taxes : $591 (2018)
Map Reference : 52°45'45.59"N and 123° 4'29.31"W
Listing # : 19124