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Sidney Island Oceanfront - Strata Lot 92 - Southern Gulf Islands, BC
Sidney Island Oceanfront - Strata Lot 92 - Southern Gulf Islands, BC
Beautiful 2.8 acre SW facing property with 2 small 100 ft2 cabins, a storage shed & a very clean outhouse. Price also includes a 16.5 ft 110 hp boat with trailer. Approximately 275 feet of oceanfront overlooking Craptrap Beach.
  • Size: 2.8 acres ~ 275± ft oceanfront
  • Price: $295,000
  • Listing Agent: Dave Cochlan - dave@landquest.com
  • Phone Number: 604-319-1500
Description :

Beautiful 2.8 acre southwest facing property. Located on Sidney Island, BC on an oceanfront high bank and close proximity to a fantastic private airstrip.

The property has 2 small 100 ft2 cabins, a storage shed and a very clean outhouse. The structures are basic, modern looking and off the grid. Both cabins have sleeping lofts and unobstructed southwest ocean views and it is only a 10-minute walk to the beach and airstrip. There is no electricity on the island but the cabins were recently outfitted with a small solar supply with generator backup that provides light, water, refrigeration and the ability to charge small electronics. The cabin even has an outdoor, enclosed hot shower (yes a real hot shower with running water). This property is meant for primarily outdoor living with very simple yet comfortable indoor sleeping and eating quarters with a large deck that was replaced in January 2018. There is plenty of room on the lot to build your dream cabin when the time comes but it is ready to use as is, right away.

Property Includes:

  • 16.5 ft 110 hp boat with trailer
  • 160W 12V solar system with 1000W inverter generator to power your electronics
  • Solar lights inside the cabins
  • Water is rain catchment to a 1,100 gallon tank - the water is gravity fed to a tap outside the cabin and an electric pump can be used to get water to the sink inside the cabin and to the on demand hot shower
  • 30 gallon electric cooler/refrigerator that is run on the solar power when the cabin is in use

Both Sidney Island and neighboring James Island are geographically unique in that they are the only Canadian Gulf Islands composed almost entirely of quaternary drift deposits (unconsolidated sand and gravel deposited by glaciers thousands of years ago) which form the sandy coastline.


  • Strata title ownership
  • Approximately 288 acres of strata lots
  • Approximately 1,500 acres common property
  • No public access to the strata owned portion of the island
  • No time requirement for building
  • Precious conservation areas
  • Breakwater and expanded communal dock in Miner’s Bay
  • 2,600 ft grass airstrip
  • Miles of sand beaches
  • Excellent network of roads
  • Managed sustainable forest
  • Cellular telephones work on much of the island
  • Island Caretaker

The Strata Corporation equipment consists of an excavator, dump truck, fire truck, tank truck, pickup truck, road grader and miscellaneous equipment, some of which is available to Strata owners on a rental basis.

Location : Sidney Island is at the southern end of the Gulf Islands between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia. It is about 19 km north of Victoria, 6 km south east of Sidney on the Saanich Peninsula and only 10 km from Roche Harbour on US San Juan Island.
Access : Access is by boat or floatplane to the private dock in Miners Bay or by plane to the private 2,600 ft airstrip both of which are the common property of the strata owners. Water taxi service is available from the Port Sidney marina and arrangements can be made for the water taxi to pick people up near the BC Ferry terminal at Schwartz Bay, so you can walk on the ferry and easily get to Sidney Island. Please contact Dave Cochlan to make an appointment to view the island.
Recreation : Boating, swimming, paddling, scuba diving, fishing, crabbing, sailing, photography, bird watching, walking, cycling, exploring and cruising the Canadian Gulf Islands and the US San Juan Islands.
Vegetation : The Island supports exceptionally lush and varied vegetation common to the south coastal climatic zone including Douglas fir, white fir, Garry oak, mock cherry, arbutus, red cedar, red alder, balsam, hemlock, aspen, yew, big leaf maple and flowering dogwood. Smaller vegetation includes Scotch broom, fireweed, gorse, wild roses, western fescue, orchard grass, salal, hawthorn and a 50-tree orchard on the common land.
Area Data :

Sidney Island
Unique in British Columbia, perhaps the world, Sidney Island offers the rare combination of ownership of superb waterfront property with a model of sustainable forestry, limited development of common areas, precious conservation zones and miles of sand beaches. It is blessed with a Mediterranean-like climate, warm summers, mild winters and an annual rainfall of less than 30 inches. Not only is it one of the most picturesque, but the last major undeveloped island in the Gulf Islands chain. From every part of the Island there are breathtaking views. To the south the perennial snow covered Olympic Range, to the east the perfect cone of Mt. Baker and the jagged peaks of the Cascades.

With its wonderful natural habitat few places have as rich a variety of wildlife as Sidney Island, which includes:

  • spotted fallow deer
  • bald eagles
  • hawks
  • black-tailed deer
  • turkey vultures
  • mink
  • woodpeckers
  • humming birds
  • great blue herons
  • Javanese peacocks
  • river otters
  • a rich variety of songbirds, ducks, geese and other waterfowl

Offshore, the waters support a wide variety of sea life including salmon, halibut, other sport fish, an array of sea birds and waterfowl, seals, sea lions, orcas and gray whales.

Sidney Island comprises 111 bare land strata lots totaling about 288 acres and ownership includes the strata lot and a proportionate interest in the common property of the strata corporation, which includes about 1,500 acres and the common facilities and other assets of the Strata Corporation.


In our opinion the most important aspect of the development is that the privacy of the strata corporation lands has been maintained, and the natural integrity of the island environment has been protected for the fortunate few who share in its ownership. There is no public access to 1,760 acres owned by the strata corporation, of which some 1,500 acres are common property to the Strata Lots.


The shared ownership includes an excellent network of roads, a new 300 ft dock which will be upgraded by the strata corporation as the demand for dock space requires, and a number of water wells were drilled. The result is an amazing diversity of properties with low, medium and high bank oceanfront, virtually every possible exposure, varied topography, beautiful views, differing levels of privacy and a range of prices.


The only land on the island not owned by the Strata Corporation is the northerly portion formerly the Sidney Spit Marine Park and recently named as Canada’s newest National Park. This area comprises about 400 acres and encloses a broad lagoon of sheltered water bordered by a long spit of sand. Mooring buoys, a small government dock, and facilities for picnicking and camping are provided. The sandy beach with protected waters is excellent for swimming.

History : Originally named Sallas Island, in 1859 the Hudson Bay Company, hoping to attract settlers with a more British name, changed it to Sidney Island. Many years ago the Island was purchased by a group of Victoria businessmen as a private hunting preserve. In 1981 the Island was purchased from the last two survivors of the original owners, by the present owners Sallas Forest Limited Partnership.
Zoning : The Islands Trust controls zoning and development on all the Gulf Islands. The Capital Regional District (CRD) grants building permits for Sidney Island.
Legal :

Lot 92, Section 4, Sidney Island, Range 1W, North Saanich District, Strata Plan V1S5122 together with an interest in the common property in proportion to the unit entitlement of the Strata Lot as shown on form 1 (see plan as to limited access)

PID 026-298-180

Taxes : $743.39 (2018)
Strata Fees: $228.23 per month (2018)
Map Reference : 48°35'59.85"N and 123°18'16.15"W
Listing # : 19025