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Commercial Adventure Lodge - Iskut, BC
Commercial Adventure Lodge - Iskut, BC
COURT DATE JANUARY 16, KELOWNA. COURT ORDERED SALE! 12 room guest lodge, two bedroom managers suite, shop with two bedroom apartment, 41 acres. Highway exposure and full of opportunity.
  • Size: 41 acres
  • Area: MNCOAST
  • Price: NEW PRICE $449,000
  • Listing Agent: John Armstrong - john@landquest.com
  • Phone Number: 250-307-2100
Description :

Built in 1992, this commercial lodge is in immaculate condition - waiting for an established operator to combine their business operation with the existing seasonal highway tourism. With 12 guest rooms, two bedroom managers’ suite, and two bedroom apartment suite, there are many options. Additional revenue may be possible catering to the highway tourist traffic that passes by in the thousands each year heading to and from Alaska and the Territories.

The property consists of 41 acres with plenty of room for ideas. Located just 8 km north of Iskut, the property has extensive highway frontage.

This is an excellent opportunity for outfitters, guide operations, eco-tourism and outdoor recreation service operations.

Location : Stewart-Cassiar Highway 37 - Iskut, BC. Approximately 8 km north of Iskut.
Access :

Whether you drive the whole journey or fly a portion, there are options:

  • Approximately a six-hour drive from Terrace or Smithers
  • Fly to Terrace or Smiths and rent a vehicle
  • Charter a flight by fixed wing plane or helicopter

Note: vehicle rentals are not available in Iskut.

Additional supplies available during northerly trip:

  • Kitwanga, provides some basic services - a fuel/service station, general store and post office. (400 km, approx.5 ½ hours to Iskut)
  • Meziadin Junction provides fuel, a restaurant and accommodation. (247 km, approx. 3 ½ hours to Iskut)
  • Bell 2 provides fuel, restaurant, general store, lodging and camping. (156 km, approx. 2 hours to Iskut)
  • Iskut offers services such as fuel, store, a café and lodging.

Travel Distances

  • Terrace - 5 hours, 47 min (483 km)
  • Smithers - 5 hours, 59 min (500 km)
  • Prince Rupert - 7 hours, 23 min (630 km)
  • Fort Nelson - 8 hours, 29 min (682 km)
  • Prince George - 9 hours, 54 min (870 km)
  • Quesnel - 11 hours, 4 min (984 km)
  • Williams Lake - 11 hours, 26 min (1,108 km)
  • Kamloops - 15 hours, 29 min (1,389 km)
  • Kelowna - 17 hours, 23 min (1,558 km)
  • Abbotsford - 17 hrs, 22 min (1,583 km)
  • Edmonton, AB - 17 hours, 37 min (1,612 km)
  • Vancouver - 18 hours, 14 min (1,655 km)
  • Calgary, AB - 18 hrs, 21 min (1,663 km)
Improvements :

Two and ½ storey commercial lodge containing:

  • 12 guest rooms with bathrooms
  • Dining hall
  • Gift shop
  • Pub
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Two bedroom manager’s suite
  • Shop/garage with two bedroom suite
  • Workshop
Investment Features : This is an excellent opportunity for an established operator to purchase a very well-built commercial lodge at much less than replacement cost.
Services : Power and telephone, over built septic system and well water.
Recreation :

Recreational opportunities in this vast area are only limited by imagination and capabilities. Easily accessible, the nearby Iskut Chain Lakes provides fishing, canoeing, photography and basking in the peace and tranquility.

Reaching out from Iskut, the opportunities that exist are phenomenal. Exploring vast areas by float plane and helicopter allow such diversity and variety to be viewed - within a short easy flight. For those that prefer to slow it down and bask in the surrounding treasure on an intimate level, one can explore by horseback, overnight backpacking, or short day hike. For those with a penchant for water, kayaking, canoeing, rafting are options to soak in the magnificent beauty. Nature provides incredible vistas for photography, wildlife viewing and studying nature - all to enjoy, whatsoever method of exploration chosen. Guides are highly recommended to fully enjoy some of the more rugged pursuits.

Stikine River Provincial Park features eighty kilometres of steep-walled canyon, comprised of sedimentary and volcanic rock. This unparalleled geological feature is carved through eons of river erosion. The river is wild and unnavigable though this canyon area. However, there are many opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to “experience the wild” on the river. Knowledgeable or guided canoeists, kayakers or rafter can run sections of the river though the Coast Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

Mount Edziza Provincial Park is one of the province’s most inaccessible parks, but it’s also one of the most magnificent and intriguing. This park showcases spectacular volcanic landscape that includes lava flows, basalt plateaus, cinder fields and cinder cones. Since becoming dormant, there were numerous small eruptions creating more than 30 cinder cones.

Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Park is one of Canada’s largest and most significant parks. With true wilderness atmosphere, outstanding scenery and varied terrain support large populations of wildlife. The name Spatsizi name means “red goat” in the Tahltan First Nation language. Mountain goats in the area had a habit of rolling in the iron oxide-coloured dust which turned their white coats red.

Todagin South Slope Provincial Park holds the world’s largest population of nursing Stone sheep. The park protects habitat for a wide variety of wildlife, including mountain goats, grizzly bears, moose and caribou. Recreation opportunities include wildlife viewing and bow hunting (only) in a backcountry wilderness.

Todagin Wildlife Management Area surrounds the Todagin Park and is a critical habitat for major Stone sheep populations, supporting mountain goats, grizzly bears, wolves, woodland caribou, hoary marmots, moose and raptors. Rainbow trout populate many of the streams and lakes. Over 120 species of bird utilize the area, including northern goshawk, great horned owl, yellow-bellied sapsucker, green-winged teal, blue-listed short-eared owl and endangered Hudsonian godwit.

Gladys Lake Ecological Reserve is a carefully selected natural ecosystem, with a mandate to preserve plant and animal species, features, and phenomena. Ecological Reserves provide the highest level of protection for the maintenance of physical and biological diversity while allowing for research and educational activities.

Vegetation :

Iskut is in a valley and is known to have the largest huckleberry patch in BC, which surrounds the community. This flora was created by a devastating fire in 1958 that cleared old vegetation and made way for the huckleberries. The local bear population can be seen regularity helping themselves to the harvest.

At higher elevations above the valley, stands of mature trees of many species can be found. Above the treeline lies high mountain peaks with high alpine shrubs and grasses.

Area Data :

Iskut is located among the Iskut Lakes chain - visible from the highway. This small town (population less than 400) is surrounded with stunning natural grandeur. Provincial Parks Edziza, Spatsizi, Todagin (park and wildlife management area), the Stikine River Recreational area and the Gladys Lake Ecology Reserve all circle Iskut providing opportunity beyond comparison.

There is a large yearly influx of visitors on this Stewart-Cassiar Highway to the Yukon Highway. On this route travelers enjoy some of the most inspiring beauty and abundant wildlife on this continent.

Iskut has a post office, fuel station, grocery store, private landing strip and is the primary base for adventure. Local guides can provide the experience required to venture deep into these wilderness areas.

The climate here holds a summer temperature average of 18°C and a winter average of -4°C. Rainfall can see 150 cm/year and a snowfall of 28 cm/year.

Main industries in the area are forestry, mining, service centre and, not surprisingly, tourism.

History :

This vast area is history rich - full of discovery, tenacity and adventure. Thousands of years before European contact, the Stikine River was a vital transportation route, and in the late 1800s was a principal route to the Yukon’s Klondike goldfields.

Spatsizi, the hunting ground of the Tahltan First Nation, was seldom visited by outsiders. In 1926, the Hyland brothers established a post on the Spatsizi River to trade with native fur trappers. In 1948 Tommy Walker set up permanent hunting and fishing camps at Hyland Post and Cold Fish Lake, hiring local First Nations as guides. It was largely due to the efforts of Walker that the park and Gladys Lake Ecological Reserve were created in 1975.

The Mount Edziza area was largely used by First Nations to manufacture obsidian cutting blades and projectile points which were traded throughout Western North America. The remnants of the Yukon Telegraph Line, constructed to provide communication during the Klondike Gold Rush, remain at a few poles and collapsed cabins. The telegraph line was replaced by new technology, the radio, for communication.

Zoning : No zoning to restrict your imagination.
PID 009-658-858
Taxes : $2,657 (2017)
Terms : Court Ordered Sale, subject to court approval.
Map Reference : 57°54'8.07"N and 130° 3'11.35"W
Listing # : 18010