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Oceanfront Acreage - Bickley Bay - East Thurlow Island
Oceanfront Acreage - Bickley Bay - East Thurlow Island
261 acres fronting Cordero Channel & Bickley Bay on E Thurlow Island. Includes some mature forest & a previously logged area which was reforested 10+ years ago. Cleared, level area at the point suitable for home site. Good moorage area on inside of the bay.
  • Size: 261.64 acres ~ 2 titles
  • Price: $639,000
  • Listing Agent: Jason Zroback - jason@landquest.com
  • Phone Number: 1-604-414-5577

  • Listing Agent: Jamie Zroback - jamie@landquest.com
  • Phone Number: 1-604-483-1605
Size :
  • DL 1433 - 101.64 acres (41 hectares)
  • DL 1434 - 160 acres (65 hectares)

Combined 261.64 acres (106 hectares)

Description : 261 acres of oceanfront property fronting on Cordero Channel and Bickley Bay on East Thurlow Island. The property, in 2 titles, includes the westerly point and the west side of the inlet, with the exception of a forest service logging road which runs along the southerly portion of the west side of the bay. A previously logged portion has now been reforested and there is a cleared, level area at the point which will provide a spectacular home site. The oceanfront on the inside of the bay will also provide good moorage. Blind Channel Marina on West Thurlow Island is 8 mins away by boat and offers fuel, food, post office, dining, beer and wine, etc. The property has fresh water running through it from two creek sources, as well as an established road network which can be reopened with minimum work.
Location : Bickley Bay is 130 miles north of Vancouver at the north end of East Thurlow Island about 1½ miles west of Shoal Bay.
Access : Boat or float plane access only.
Improvements : None
Services : None
Recreation : Salmon fishing, cruising, diving, paddling, grizzly bear watching and great photo opportunities. An incredible area to experience wildlife and nature.
Area Data :

Thurlow Islands
East Thurlow Island (111 km2) and West Thurlow Island (85 km2) lie along the north side of Johnstone Strait between Bute and Knight Inlets, east of Sayward on the north end of Vancouver Island. They were named by Captain Vancouver after Baron Thurlow, an 18th century lord chancellor of England. Logging began in the 1880s using oxen teams. Mining for gold; copper and iron took place in the late 1890s.

Commercial fishing and tourism have become the main economic activities. Settlements are located at Blind Channel on West Thurlow Island, which once had a cannery and sawmill and is now the site of a resort, and at Shoal Bay on East Thurlow Island. Bickley Bay, 2 km west of Shoal Bay, was settled in the 1890s and had a post office named Channeton.

Shoal Bay
Shoal Bay is on the south side of Cordero Channel on East Thurlow Island across from Phillips Arm about 130 miles north of Vancouver. During the gold rush in the late 1800s Shoal Bay, with as many as 5,000 people, was the most populated village on the BC Coast. In 1897 the property was subdivided into 137 lots as the town site of Shoal Bay.

By 1898, 200 mineral claims had been registered in the district of Thurlow. Many were staked by small entrepreneurs, but several of the larger mines were owned by British Columbia Golds Limited, an English company, including the Forth Morten and Alexandra mines on Phillips Arm, the Yuclaw and Puddle Dog mines on Channel Island and the Douglas Pine mine on the steep slopes above Shoal Bay.

Before the gold rush the district of Thurlow was a center for commercial logging. People had lived there since the early 1800s and one of the largest sawmills on the coast operated at Shoal Bay. The mill continued to work after the mines were open and both industries used teams of oxen to haul sleds with cedar skids to bring their products to the harbour. Some of these old skids are still visible today, slivers of aged grey cedar in the heavy green moss.

Zoning :

RU-3 (Rural Three) Bylaw 1213 - Quadra Island Zoning Bylaw 1213.
Additional zoning information can be found on the Strathcona Regional District website.

Legal :

District Lot 1433, Range 1, Coast District, Except Plan VIP51616
PID 000-834-785

District Lot 1434, Range 1, Coast District
PID 009-907-645

Taxes :
  • District Lot 1433 - $2,155.55 (2018)
  • District Lot 1434 - $643.95 (2018)
Map Reference : 50°26'46.62"N and 125°24'17.57"W
Listing # : 19055