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The Ultimate Fly-in Cabin - Frogpond Lake, BC
The Ultimate Fly-in Cabin - Frogpond Lake, BC
Private, secluded and crystal clear Frogpond Lake located 1,600 ft up on Goat Island in the middle of Powell Lake. Includes main cabin, guest cabin, shop, 3 boats & all the comforts of home. Come experience world class Cutthroat Trout fishing right off the float!
  • Size: 0.28 hectares
  • Area: SWBC
  • Price: REDUCED! $199,000 - Licence of Occupation
  • Listing Agent: Jamie Zroback - jamie@landquest.com
  • Phone Number: 1-604-483-1605

  • Listing Agent: Jason Zroback - jason@landquest.com
  • Phone Number: 1-604-414-5577
Description :

If you are looking for a private and secluded fly-in fishing or recreational cabin in one of British Columbia’s most beautiful settings you have found it. Frogpond Lake is in a very unique location on Goat Island in the middle of Powell Lake. Powell Lake is near the coastal community of Powell River on the upper Sunshine Coast. Frogpond is approximately 145 kilometers North of Vancouver and is filled with Cutthroat Trout; you can experience world class fishing right off the float!

This offering includes 5 cedar log floats on a 0.28 hectare Licence of Occupation on Frogpond Lake. There are only two other cabins on Frogpond and they are located at the other end of the lake. The current owner has kept things very well maintained and has thought of almost everything imaginable.

There is a very comfortable main cabin with all the comforts of home including propane fridge, stove, air tight wood stove, on demand hot water all hooked up to a 12 kw Izuzu diesel generator with battery bank and invertor system. There are both propane and electric lights, and there is also a trash compactor and microwave. All of the structures have metals roofs on them.

In the main cabin there is one bed on the main level and a loft above. In the kitchen there is a booth seat with a large opening window that has amazing views of both the lake and surrounding mountains. On the side of the cabin there is an outdoor shower with hot water and at the front of the cabin there is a wood fired hot tub.

The spacious two level guest cabin is very comfortable and includes a flush toilet, shower and satellite television. There is grey and black water storage for the cabins that is pumped on land. There is a float and pulley system to get to shore where there is a nice beach a few feet away.

The shop comes with a wide range of tools and has a sauna and covered dry boat storage with winch system. There are also separate floats for the generator shed and wood shed that also have covered dry boat storage. There is a fire pump system in case of emergency that you can also use to fill the wood fired hot tub. There is a few years supply of dry firewood already spilt, stacked and covered.

Other items include:

  • 20 ft Princecraft pontoon boat with a 20 horse Tohatsu outboard with only 20 hours
  • 14.5 ft Boston Whaler with 40 horse Mercury outboard
  • 12 foot Aluminum with a 6 horse Johnson
  • A frame winch barge capable of pulling logs out of the bush or using to maintain floats
  • Paddle boat
  • A large number of items in order to run and maintain the structures.

John from Wings over Canada rates Frogpond number 10 for top spots. He writes:

“In the BC coastal mountains there is a little lake the locals call Frogpond. An unassuming name for what is the hottest Cutthroat Trout lake I have ever found in the west. It's a hot fishing lake because it is almost impossible to access without a float plane. It’s located on top of steep 1,600 ft rise in the middle of Goat Island in Powell Lake. It has a breathtaking approach that takes you over the 1,600 ft sheer rise into what looks like a small pond.

The lake is crystal clear and is bordered on one side by a sheer rock cliff that rises another five hundred feet. It is chuck-full of pan-sized Cutthroat Trout. On a bad day, I can get as many as three on consecutive casts using a small mepps. These resident Cutthroat can be caught with spinners or spoons fished deep in pools or along the lakeshore, especially where there is submerged debris. A muddler minnow is a sure bet. In the summer evenings the glassy water surface comes alive with the trout in a feeding frenzy. This is world-class fishing only a two hour flight from downtown Vancouver.”

Call Jamie and Jason today to arrange a viewing of this unique offering!

Location : Frogpond Lake is located on the coast of British Columbia approximately 145 kilometres, 90 miles north of Vancouver. Frogpond Lake is located on Goat Island that is in the middle of Powell Lake.
Access : Frogpond Lake is roughly a 45 minute flight on a float plane from Vancouver. The lake is just over a mile long, suitable for landing a 185 on pontoons. Alternatively you can depart Powell Lake Marina, it is a 25 minute boat ride to the log sort on Goat Island where you can leave a vehicle. From the log sort there is a logging road up to Frogpond Lake, roughly a 20-25 minute drive.
History :

Powell Lake is a lake in the northern Sunshine Coast region of British Columbia, Canada, adjacent to the City of Powell River, which sits on the low rise of land forming a natural dam between the lake and the Strait of Georgia. The lake is fed by the Powell River and features Goat Island, a large mountainous island. Frogpond Lake is located on the top of Goat Island.

Powell Lake was named in 1881 after Dr. Israel Wood Powell, a medical doctor from Ontario who worked for the British Columbia government during the 1800s. A fjord lake, it spans some 50 km in length and is 24 km wide. In 1924, when the Powell River Company raised its dam on Powell River for a second time, the lake level rose to 56 m above sea level. Although a fresh-water lake, a 1961 study by the University of British Columbia proved the existence of salt water at the bottom of the lake.

There is conflicting historical evidence that a village of the Sliammon people was ever located on its shores. However, any evidence will likely be found under the current waters of Powell Lake since it was only a river system meandering between mountainous valleys before the dam at the river head was built to provide power for the timber mill and a floating highway to deliver logs from cutting areas in the adjacent mountains. One view is that the original Powell River was a salmon breeding ground before settlement and logging interests dammed the waters use, suggesting ecological, cultural and geographical desirability for native settlement on the life giving river close to the ocean.

However, there is no doubt that one time Powell Lake was once an ocean inlet as it contains ancient salt water at its deepest points, some of which are more than 500 m. Geologists posit that the mouth of Powell Lake rebounded with the recession of glaciers at the end of the last Ice Age, creating a fresh water barrier system, which led to the destruction of its salmon runs and it becoming a fresh water lake. If there were indigenous communities based on salmon runs in that system, that must have been many thousands of years ago.

Legal :

Licence Of Occupation: 238592 File No: 2408072 Disposition No: 830869

Unsurveyed Foreshore or land covered by water being part of the bed of Frogpond Lake, together with that parcel or tract of land in the vicinity of district Lot 522, Group 1, New Westminster District, containing .28 herctares, more or less.

Taxes : $262.01 (2015)
Map Reference : 50° 3'39.43"N and 124°25'15.69"W
Listing # : 16150