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Exquisite Alpine Log Home and Acreage Views - Spillimacheen, BC
Exquisite Alpine Log Home and Acreage Views - Spillimacheen, BC
Classic 2 bdrm/2 bath Alpine log home demonstrates rustic local heritage, built with superior materials, craftsmanship & subtle elegance. Property is mostly forested but also has nice 1.5-acre pasture & small orchard. Large shop & 2 serviced RV pads.
  • Size: 14.56 acres
  • Price: NEW PRICE $549,000
  • Listing Agent: Matt Cameron - matt@landquest.com
  • Phone Number: 250-200-1199
Description :

This classic 2 bedroom 2 bathroom alpine log home on 14.5 acres incorporates rustic local heritage, built with superior materials, craftsmanship and subtle elegance. Check out this virtual tour of the main house.


  • All buried services
  • Breathtaking views from all areas of property and home
  • Excellent privacy and security
  • Reclaimed forest
  • Pasture and orchard
  • Large flat areas
  • Reliable and safe road access
  • No visible signs of logging or development
  • Open approval from ALR to subdivide 1.5 acre pasture
  • Elevated home site
  • Solid wood and stone construction
  • Classic design with endless modern features and services
  • Old heritage appeal
  • Open and bright interior
  • Superior quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Bountiful storage
  • Energy efficient
  • Centralized utilities
  • Security system
  • Beautiful landscaping features
  • Hot tub and outdoor shower
  • A strong well supplies endless crystal-clear mountain fresh water

A comprehensive description of the home and property is provided below.


From the property the views are all unbelievable, unobstructed and undeveloped with no logging or development visible or apparent. The adjacent properties are all undeveloped quarter sections or larger with no logging activity for decades. The property itself is often described as “parklike” and offers a true sense of being in pristine wilderness. Fencing on three sides makes the property boundaries well identified and secure. On the south side of the property is a quaint one and a half acre pasture with a perimeter of fur, pine and birch trees for protection. On the north side of the pasture is a band of trees which divide a small apple orchard of a dozen mature apple trees, the lower landing, the upper landing and a 70,000-gallon fish pond which is currently being developed. To the north still is primarily the main driveway and forest. The two landings are one-half and one-and-a-half acres respectively, completely levelled, one is gravelled the other is seeded with grass. These two landings provide valuable areas to park vehicles and provide abundant storage or recreational space. Each landing is serviced with both power and water and can be used as independent RV sites for guests. After a short drive onto the property via one of two independent accesses you arrive at a robust metal gate bordered by treed mounds protecting access to the home. Beyond this the driveway, wide and well gravelled with a healthy crown and seeded ditches provide comfortable and safe year-round access up to the home site. Immediately upon arriving at the home site everything opens up exposing the magnificent views, home, yard and outbuildings.

The yard is an elevated flat area of a little more than one acre. To the north of the home is a gravelled, circular turn around running in front of the shop and sheds then leading up to the home. This area provides abundant parking for up to ten vehicles and valuable work space for projects. In front and to the south of the home the yard is adorned with a thick weed free lawn which captures and complements a sunken fire pit area, many stone terraced flower beds steaming with full mature perennials, a hot tub, outdoor shower and outhouse. The yard is well serviced by multiple convenient power and water outlets. The hot tub has five seats, marine grade aluminium firebox, is serviced by buried lines, is clad in metal siding and decked in Wolmanized® wood. The hot tub is sunk in to the ground and comes complete with soft thermal blanket and hard all weather cover, inside and outside faucets, one GFI protected power outlet and a vault to access drain lines. A full tub of 500 gallons takes approximately three hours to heat to 102 degrees, requires no energy and little maintenance. Since the hot tub is not chemically treated it is used as a cool pool on hot days and as a cistern for irrigating the lawn. The outdoor shower is supplied with hot and cold water controlled from inside the home. The outhouse is beautiful and all finished in wood paneling, is very clean and comfortable and offers magnificent views through two windows and a sliding glass storm door.

A classic Alpine Log Home design was chosen for the exterior to allow for incorporating a rustic local heritage appearance and was completed quit successfully. The parlour chimney, front door pedestals and skirt around the home are finished in natural stone harvested from a private quarry up in the Bugaboos and capped with custom hand made concrete caps formed right at the home. The pine logs and log slab siding was all acquired nearby and peeled or rough sawn right on the property. The cedar siding and pine soffits were acquired from a local miller, and the fir rafters, all the fir trim and the veranda decking is all from logs harvested right on the property. The log joints are all hand chinked using high quality Perma-Chink and all the wood is hand oiled with multiple coats of natural oil. Overall the appeal of the exterior exemplifies Classic Alpine Log Home appeal. The home appears naturally rustic and weathered yet is in fact new and everlasting. The two additions blend in so well that the entire home appears to be custom built by design. The veranda has two hardwired surround sound speaker outlets, one at each end, and low voltage light wiring in the rafters. All the exterior light fixtures are matching, oiled bronze carriage style lights complete with clear bevelled glass.

The Parlour
Upon arriving at the front entrance one is greeted by a magnificent handcrafted solid fir door complete with window insert and hinging peek-a-boo door. Once inside the parlour this large room opens up to expose a bright open space that includes a vaulted ceiling, exposed log ridge beam complete with a majestic oiled bronze ceiling fan. The room includes a lovely RSF Topaz high-efficiency wood burning fireplace faced with natural stone which matches the exterior of the chimney and extends from floor to ceiling and accented with a fir log mantle, railway spike tool holders and antique grate. The fireplace door can be opened and tucked away integrally to provided an open fireplace effect. The adjoining wall to the west has a large picture window exposing the breathtaking view of the wetlands, valley and alpine peaks and extends to the parlour washroom. Around the washroom is a large doorway inviting you into the main living area. Next to the doorway is an entrance closet in the corner which houses a central vacuum outlet and a hidden security system vault to conceal and protect the central controller. The entire room is completely panelled in pine and fir paneling and contoured with fir trim and fir skirting, all hand oiled. The flooring is maple hardwood and slate. The parlour is equipped with numerous convenient power outlets; two hardwired surround sound speaker outlets, RG-6 and Cat 5 wiring as well as central vacuum piping and inlet.

Parlour Washroom (5’ x 5’)
The parlour washroom is an absolute work of art. The doorway is bevelled 45 degrees to the parlour. The door itself has mirrored panels on both sides to become multi functional whether opened or closed. The corner shower has tiled walls, a sunflower shower head extending from the ceiling and is accented with natural river pebbles gathered from the Toby Creek on the floor, up the adjoining corner and behind the shelf. The shower is enclosed in tempered glass. The vanity is a refinished early 1900s washstand complete with original swivel mirror, ground and polished concrete counter top faced with inset river pebbles, and complemented with an inset basin style sink and vintage hand pump faucet. The shelf, medicine cabinet, towel bar and window trim are made from unused material from the washstand. The washroom also has an inset display shelf, toilet, ceiling fan, two light fixtures and GFI protected power outlet. The flooring is tile to match the shower, and the walls are log with pine and fir paneling to match the parlour and coated with three coats of Sikens Kitchen and Bath polyurethane. This room is simply spectacular.

The Kitchen (8’6” x 16’) and Dining Room (7’ x 12’)
The show piece in this house is the professionally restored and installed 1910 Round Oak Chief commercial wood burning cook stove in the corner of the kitchen. The stove is black with nickel plated accents, has six burners, large oven bread warmer, trivets and hot water reservoir. The stove is magnificent, completely original, fully operational and in as new condition. The surrounding walls and floor are protected with a full size Rundle slate hearth and pony wall with stainless steel shielding extending up to the ceiling. The stove location also has an electric stove plug in if ever required. Next to the stove is the counter and maple cabinets. Inset in the counter is a professionally reconditioned 1907 cast iron sink complete with back and side splashes and outfitted with new vintage style faucets. Directly behind the sink is a bay window with awning openers on each side. The cabinetry extends along the wall over to an encapsulated Amana fridge complete with matching maple panels on the fridge and freezer compartments and a matching pantry beyond. Directly above the fridge is a concealed metal lined and lockable gun cabinet built into the ceiling. Dividing the kitchen and dining room is an island complete with a four burner KitchenAid flat top range. The overhead lighting is two dual fluorescent light fixtures built in to fir light boxes. There is also a KitchenAid built-in dishwasher and Panasonic microwave. All of the drawer slides and cabinet hinges are heavy duty. The flooring is tile. The walls in the kitchen, dining and living room are all log and the ceilings are exposed beam and plank flooring from the second level. Directly across from the island is the dining room which is simple and offers a large sliding window and hanging pewter ceiling light fixture. The dining room is outfitted with a central vacuum outlet.

The Living Room (15’ x 16’)
Beyond the kitchen and past the second level landing and log staircase you enter into the living room. The maple flooring flows seamlessly from the parlour through the dining room and into the living room. The living room is spacious and open with exposed beams and plank flooring from the second level on the ceiling, log walls, and maple and slate flooring. The room has one large picture window exposing the breathtaking view of the wetlands, the valley and alpine peaks. The room also has one large sliding window exposing a view of the yard and hot tub area. On the adjacent wall is a large Regency Warm Hearth high-efficiency fireplace faced with natural stone reclaimed from old buildings within Kootenay National Park and accented with a hand-hewn fir mantle and caps, railway spike tool holders and antique grate. Integral with the fireplace are matching wood box bench seats on either side which are caped and lined with Rundle slate. The living room has an entrance door allowing convenient access to the veranda and yard. The living room is equipped with numerous convenient power outlets; two hardwired surround sound speaker outlets, RG-6 and Cat 5 wiring.

The TV Room (15’ x 10’6”)
The seamless maple flooring flows through the main floor into this room. The room is a four-person home theatre with the ceiling and walls covered in pine paneling and log slab paneling around the bottom of the walls providing a similar log effect to the rest of the home. There are three large windows in this room all covered with quality wood grain blinds for light control. One window is a slider and two are picture style. Each has an excellent view exposing the wetlands, yard or forest. This room acts as an important control centre for the entire home. Concealed within a hidden enclosure on one wall is the 200 amp electrical panel, low volt lighting control, whole home surge protector and telephone distribution box. The enclosure provides three removable wall panels and a vacant 3” conduit roughed in through the foundation running directly to this enclosure which allows for future upgrades and expansion. The enclosure is covered by a set of graphic cupboard doors which makes it truly undetectable. Across the room is the central audio-visual control panel which allows two RG-6 cables in from the satellite dish and two RG-6 cables out to distribute television signals throughout the home. Also there is a speaker distribution panel which provides sound to fourteen hardwired speaker outlets throughout the home as follows; six in the TV room; two in the living room; two in the parlour; two on the veranda; two on the master bedroom deck. This corner is where the satellite receiver and stereo are located for distributing HDMI signals to the big screen television. This room also has Cat 5 wiring. The passage door into the utility room is solid pine with 15 obscure glass panes.

The Office (6’6” x 7’)
Although this room is small in size it is huge in function. This room supports computers operations, fax communications along with information storage and recovery. It comes complete with three wall cabinets and two floor cabinets and a counter top. The counter intersects with a three-tier cascading desk top and sliding keyboard /mouse table. The cascading desk is able to be unlocked and hinged down inconspicuously against the wall to provide more open space. This room provides heavy and wide overhead shelving along two walls and can support many large books and binders. It also has a full-width coat rack and custom corkboard. This room has three Cat 5 outlets and five power outlets to allow multiple electronic device operation in a tidy and convenient configuration. The office is equipped with a wall insert electric forced air heater for when the door is closed in winter. The ceiling and upper walls are painted drywall with pine trim. The lower walls are painted plywood for scratch resistance and durability. The overhead shelves and features are pine. Within the office is a small filling cabinet on wheels which contains all critical information about the property and home including comprehensive information relating to permits, drawings, manuals, materials, coatings, colours, survey certificates and so on. The information is complete and remains with the home to allow the homeowner to recover and review at any time.

The Utility / Mud Room (5’6” x 7’7” and 12’6” x 10’6”)
Immediately inside the room and directly behind the electrical enclosure is located the 65 kW electric furnace, fresh air mixing box and heat scavenger ducting which interconnects with the living room fireplace. This configuration allows the home to be heated on electric when the owner is away or wood when the fireplace is being stocked. When heating on electric the furnace is set on auto and the fan and elements cycle on and off to satisfy the thermostat setting. When heating with wood the furnace is set on continuous and the blower runs at low speed, scavenging heat from the fireplace and distributing it evenly throughout the home via heat ducts providing the warm wood heat everywhere. While operating in continuous mode the furnace elements and blower will cycle on and off to satisfy the thermostat setting even once the fireplace has gone out. A good size log split in half will provide up to ten hours of wood heating during the coldest nights allowing the homeowner to get a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep while heating for a half the energy cost compared to electric. An example is December, 2018 while heating on electric the household hydro bill was $200 compared to January, 2019 while heating with wood at $110.16. This example is based on keeping the temperature at a comfortable 21 degrees Celsius. The fresh air mixing box is equipped with motorized louvers designed to open and release residual heat in the event of a power outage while the fireplace is burning. An interlinked smoke detector is provided in this location for maximum protection. The area above and all around the furnace and fireplace assembly is shielded in galvanized metal to provide easy cleaning and enhance the fire protection. Next to the furnace/fireplace is a location provided for a stacking washer and electric dryer. Although the appliances have never been installed the area is complete with roughed in dryer duct enclosed in the ceiling and venting outside, 220 volt electric dryer power outlet, 110 volt electric power outlet for the washer, hot and cold water supply lines and drain for the washer. Next to this is a vanity equipped with deep side by side sinks. Next to this is a 40 gallon electric water heater replaced in 2011, 40 gallon pressure tank and water filtration and finally the well pump controllers, water lines and centralized central vacuum location roughed but not in use. All of the homes utility and distribution requirements are centralized in one location and out of sight. The utility room is outfitted with a wide metal clad entrance door, 7’ x 10’ garage door to the carport, hinging window and offers plenty of convenient heated storage space. This area is finished similar to the office.

From between the dining and living rooms extends upwards a sturdy and wide log staircase and railings inviting you up to the second level. The posts and rails are jack pine harvested from a burnt forest and offer flamboyant appeal. At the top is a landing allowing access straight ahead into the washroom or master and spare bedroom to either side. The entire second level floor is reclaimed pine and fir, gaps and defects are filled with dark patina grout and coated with five coats of quality polyurethane. This floor gives the appearance of an old ballroom dance floor. The second level ceiling is completely vaulted and pine panelled throughout. The trim is all fur and all the wood is hand oiled. With an elevated advantage all the views are even more spectacular than those from the main floor.

Washroom (6’ x 7’)
This second level washroom is also a work of art. The doorway exposes a large sliding window through a split pine pocket door opening equally to both sides. The washroom offers a pedestal sink, toilet and 66” long, restored 1905 Eagle Claw bathtub, all installed with exposed chrome plumbing. Each of these fixtures has tile backsplashes behind each extending from floor to fixture. The upper walls and vaulted ceiling are pine panelling with complimenting pine trim; all wood is coated with three coats of Sikens Kitchen and Bath polyurethane. The floor is tile. The room has a ceiling fan, and two light fixtures, multiple towel bars and shelving units. The recessed medicine chest is double sided and mirrored. The power outlet is GFI protected. All plumbing fixtures including faucets, shower heads and oval shower curtain rod are chrome. Although this room is compact it offers incredible function and ambiance.

Spare Bedroom (11’6” x 15”)
The spare bedroom is large and bright. There are two independent sliding windows in the dormer and two matching independent sliding windows in the end wall. The ceiling and two opposing walls are pine paneling with the adjacent walls coated with rough troweled plaster which is painted a rich earth tone harvest gold colour. This room has a modest closet, recessed shelves built in and desk style enclosure to house the cook stove chimney which runs through the corner of the room. The passage door is pine with 15 obscure glass panes. This bedroom has numerous convenient power outlets as well as RG-6 and Cat 5 wiring.

Master Bedroom (13’ x 15’)
The master bedroom is quite large, bright, open and inviting. There are three independent sliding windows in the dormer and a set of metal clad garden doors complete with tall window panels and outside retractable screens leading onto the master bedroom deck. The headboard wall is set back and provides his and hers recessed shelves to eliminate the need for night tables. Above the bed is a swivel eye ball light fixture to allow for night time reading. On each side of the headboard walls are recessed access into the closet area which is huge (26’ x 6’) but has low headroom. Inside the closet the walls are fitted with long two tiered shelves on each side of the space and a long clothes hanger rod in between. The closet has light fixtures and power outlets on each end wall. The closet also has an awning window on one end wall. The master bedroom is finished similar to the spare bedroom. The ceiling and two opposing walls are pine paneling with the adjacent walls coated with rough troweled plaster which is painted a rich earth tone wicker colour. This bedroom has numerous convenient power outlets and RG-6 and Cat 5 wiring. The master bedroom deck is covered with beige Dura Deck. The roof extends only half way out to provide some overhead protection but opens up to expose the sky and offers the most breathtaking views of all. This deck is complete with light fixtures and speaker outlets on either side of the door, one power outlet and provides two hardwired surround sound speaker outlets. The back and side walls are sided with cedar and pine log slab siding similar to the rest of the exterior. The soffit is pine with fur trim. The unique design and configuration of the master bedroom and deck provide the most enjoyable and relaxing environment for sleeping and awakening that most anyone could imagine.

Wood and Tool Sheds
Between the home and the shop are interconnected wood and tool sheds. The tool shed is quite functional for storing all the tools and supplies necessary for acreage living. The tool shed has a light and power outlet inside, two windows, along with shelving and tool hangers all the way around the inside walls. This shed is sided in cedar. The interconnecting platform has a light and power outlet. The wood shed is a strong fur timber frame structure capable of housing up to six chords of wood. Behind each shed is a covered breezeway with numerous hangers for items such as ladders, hoses, extension chords, shovels and landscaping tools. The flooring is dimensional lumber and plywood and the roofing is asphalt shingle.

The Shop (26’ x 34’)
The shop is large. It is framed with 4” x 4” and has a 12’ ceiling throughout. The floor is a monolithic concrete slab. The exterior walls are metal clad on three sides including the gables and the front of the shop is cedar and pine slab siding similar to the home. All interior walls are insulted with R-14 fibreglass and 6 mm vapour barrier. The ceilings are insulated with R-22 except the main shop which remains open and unfinished.

The Studio
On the far side of the shop is a studio complete with overhanging loft (9’ x 18’). The top eight feet off the studio walls and the loft vaulted ceiling are painted drywall. The bottom four feet of the studio walls is pine log slab siding and is all hand chinked the match the home. The ceiling of the studio is pine paneling. All the wood in the studio is weathered remnant and unused material left over from the home and is grey/brown in colour and like leather in appearance. The studio has four lights and numerous power outlets as well as roughed in water line and 220 volt power to the counter, and a 2000 watt wall insert forced air heater. There are two sliding windows, one awning window and one large embossed glass block window complete with fur mantle. It also comes with a pine screen door followed by a metal-clad entrance door to provide access into the studio from outside the building. Next to the entrance door and below the front awning window is a counter and cabinet unit all pine and cedar. In addition there is a large commercial steel-clad door between the studio and the main shop. The studio is an excellent creative space or can be used by guests as the loft is sized for a king size bed.

Main Shop
The main portion of the shop is huge (25’ x 26’) and very functional. There are two hinging windows, two wide entrance doors, and two large shop doors (9’ x 10’ and 10’ x 10’). The high ceiling and huge doors provides convenient storage for unlimited items including RVs and boats. Along one full wall is a hobbyist dream area which provides a very sturdy bench and cabinet assembly complete with doors and drawers. The entire wall behind the bench is all fur plywood complimented with peg and slat board for hanging unlimited tools visibly and conveniently. The remaining walls are skirted in plywood with painted drywall above. Next to the main man door is where the 30 amp electrical panel is located and there is a roughed in water line, each are supplied from the home. In the back corner of the shop is a large heated closet for temperature sensitive storage. The closet is complete with one awning window, a ceiling fan, 300 watt baseboard heater and steel-clad passage door. There is a second unheated storage vault directly above the closet for items that are seldom used.

Location :

1564 Highway 95 - Spillimacheen, BC (“Spilli, BC”)

This breathtaking property is located directly between Radium Hot Springs and Golden, BC in the heart of the Columbia Valley directly off Highway 95. The property is on the east side of the valley leading up to Vermilion Ridge with Kootenay National Park beyond. To the west is the Columbia River and Wetlands with the intersection of the Selkirk, Bobby Burns and Purcell Ranges beyond.

Improvements :
  • Classic Alpine log home (2 bedroom/2 bath)
  • Wood/tool shed
  • 26 x 34 ft detached shop with studio area approx. 18 x 9 ft
  • 2 serviced RV pads - electrical/water
Services :
  • Septic - 1000 gallon tank (just cleaned out)
  • House power - 200 amp to house
  • House heat - wood fireplaces and 65kW electric forced air furnace a fresh air mixing box and heat scavenger mixes with fireplace for improved efficiency
  • House media - 2 satellite TV feeds to house, Internet available via Telus or Shaw (not connected), cell phone reception
  • Shop power - 30 amp
  • Shop water - water line roughed in
  • Shop heat - 300 watt baseboard heater
  • RV site 1 - 15 amp and water via buried line
  • RV site 2 - 15 amp and water from shallow well in orchard
  • Well 1 - 5 gpm for homesite
  • Well 2 - 10 gpm (not serviced)
  • Shallow well
Area Data :

If you drive south from Golden along Highway 95, amid tall stands of Douglas fir and lodgepole pine, sprinkled with aspen groves, you will come upon the communities of Spillimacheen and Brisco. Nestled between the Rocky Mountains on the east and the Purcells on the west, these charming little gems are a lovely surprise, just waiting to be discovered.

"Spilli", as it is affectionately called by valley residents, and Brisco are located in what is primarily farming and ranching country, with some forestry and tourism tossed in. Wildlife is plentiful here. White-tailed and mule deer, elk, moose and black bear have their homes in the surrounding wilderness.

The area is rich in history, too. Pioneer explorer and cartographer David Thompson passed through the area in 1807. In the early days, travel was by steamboat on the Columbia River and it wasn’t until 1913 that the first train came to Spillimacheen.

You won’t want to miss historic St. Mark’s Church, known to the locals as the Galen church, with its lovingly-tended cemetery. Built in 1895, the church is the oldest in the valley and is just waiting to be explored and photographed.

Walking into the famous Brisco General Store is like finding yourself back in time a hundred years. Established in 1911, the store houses the post office and just about anything else you can imagine! Visitors can spend hours just browsing its shelves and chatting with its neighbourly owners. You may want to pick up a copy of Brisco and Spillimacheen - A History compiled by local long-time resident Hedi Trescher.

In early June, in true community spirit, you are invited to the Annual Spilli Chili Cook-off at the Spillimacheen Festival Grounds. Since 1995 cooks from up and down the valley and beyond have been cooking up huge pots of their favorite chili recipes and competing for the title of the best chili ever - anywhere! In a true country-fair atmosphere, you can camp on the grounds for the weekend and enjoy the music, the campfires and the camaraderie and then feast on chili with lots of extras, while you let your taste buds decide who to vote for.

Zoning :

A-2 Rural Residential Country (RDEK)

Permitted Uses
(Buyer to confirm with RDEK site specific uses - use as guideline only) Single family dwelling, agricultural use, seasonal produce stand, veterinary clinic, kennel, guest ranch, riding stable, equestrian center, rifle, archery, trap and skeet range, fish pond, rural retreat, hostel, extraction of sand and gravel, sawmill, shakemill and planermill, wireless communication facility.

Accessory Uses
Cement, concrete, asphalt or ready-mix plant accessory to sand and gravel pits, concession stand accessory to fish pond, cabin accessory to wildland use, guide-outfitting lodge accessory to wildland use, home based business, secondary dwelling for farm hands; subject to (7)(e).

Legal : LOT A; PL 13435; DL 1904; LD KOOTENAYS
PID 010-916-091
Taxes : $1,375 (2018)
Map Reference : 50°53'0.79"N and 116°20'19.37"W
Listing # : 19057