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1,307 Acre Oceanfront Investment Opportunity - Sunshine Coast
1,307 Acre Oceanfront Investment Opportunity - Sunshine Coast
Consists of 3 titles of land with an impressive 6.48 km of oceanfront. Current RU2 zoning permits subdivision into 10 acre parcel sizes. Has significant timber component and Foreshore Licence. Next door to world famous Malibu Rapids & Princess Louisa Inlet.
  • Size: 1,307 acres ~ 6.48 km oceanfront
  • Price: $3,600,000
  • Listing Agent: Jason Zroback - jason@landquest.com
  • Phone Number: 1-604-414-5577

  • Listing Agent: Jamie Zroback - jamie@landquest.com
  • Phone Number: 1-604-483-1605
Size :
  • District Lot 3523 - 427 acres - 6,998 feet of waterfront
  • District Lot 3412 - 640 acres - 7,939 feet of waterfront
  • District Lot 893 - 240 acres - 6,351 feet of waterfront

Total - 1,307 acres ~ 6.48 km of waterfront

Description :

1,307 acres with 6.48 km of southern exposed oceanfront located within 100 km of Vancouver, BC.

This significant land holding is situated at the entrance to world renowned Princess Louisa Inlet and Malibu Rapids. The area is popular amongst boaters and nature enthusiasts because of the natural beauty and the incredible number of waterfalls within Princess Louisa Inlet.

As the crow flies, these properties are located approximately 60 km over the Coastal Mountain Range from Whistler to the coast. Although there are no roads to the property, the area is one of the proposed routes for a fixed link to connect the Upper Sunshine Coast to the Lower Mainland. These talks have been going on for many years and, in my opinion, the likelihood of a road going through anywhere in the area is highly unlikely, but you never know.

Because they are easily accessible by water from Vancouver, development of the properties into recreational properties or a resort is best suited for the site if you want to create value in the near term.

If you are more inclined to just let your investment money do the work, this is a fantastic low risk investment for a long-term approach because every year the trees grow larger, as does their value. Over time selective harvesting will recapture your investment and you will still have the residual value for 1,307 acres of land with over 6 km of oceanfront, which will be significantly more valuable than the day you bought it.

While you are waiting for your investment to mature, this is the perfect place to build some cabins for your entire family and to use and enjoy the incredibly beautiful natural surroundings for years or generations to come.

Location : Located at the mouth of Princess Louisa Inlet in Jervis Inlet.
Access : Contact Listing Broker.
Improvements :
  • Internal road network
  • Foreshore Licence File #2405856 (Licence of Occupation - Log Handling/Storage)
Investment Features : Timber value and subdivision potential. Current Zoning permits 10 acre minimum lot sizes.
Services :


Recreation :

The area is a mecca for recreational activity. Because the properties are situated on the ocean, one can enjoy all the benefits the ocean has to offer, but what makes these properties unique is the ability to drive right from the properties on forest service roads into the Coastal Mountain Range and access numerous freshwater lakes, hiking trails, glaciers and river systems.

Some activities include boating, fishing, kayaking, scuba diving, site seeing, hiking and swimming in an area characterised as one of BC’s popular outdoor playgrounds. There are endless amounts of shoreline to explore, but one does not have to venture any further than your own dock to catch your daily limit in prawns, crabs, oysters and clams.

Area Data :

Jervis Inlet
Slicing deep into the Coastal Mountain Range, Jervis Inlet becomes Princess Royal Reach and Queens Reach with a branch to Princess Louisa Inlet and the famed Chatterbox Falls. A popular recreation destination in Jervis Inlet is Hotham Sound, an isolated and protected warm-water wilderness leading off the north shore of the Inlet. Hotham Sound is ringed by steep mountains and walls of sheer rock, with numerous tumbling waterfalls - majestic Pacific Northwest scenery! Hotham Sound is named after Admiral William Hotham of the Royal Navy, Commander-in-Chief in the Mediterranean in the 1790s. The peaceful Hotham Sound is a favorite destination for kayakers, who explore the sheltered coves and bays and enjoy wilderness camping amongst the Harmony Islands.

Princess Louisa Inlet
Princess Louisa Inlet is a natural wonder that is a must see. It is absolutely stunning! To completely understand how unique this offering is you first need to know how spectacular Princess Louisa Inlet is and the history of trying to protect the area for future generations to enjoy.

Princess Louisa Inlet (6 km long) is located near the head of Jervis Inlet (77 km long). Jervis inlet is the deepest fjord on the BC coast with a max depth of 2,402 feet.

A visit to Princess Louisa Inlet is like completely surrounding yourself by magnificent waterfalls. In fact, North America’s highest waterfall is within Princess Louisa Inlet. James Bruce Falls cascades 2,755 feet down a shear granite rock face which then turns into the world-renowned Chatterbox Falls, which empties into the ocean.

Princess Louisa Inlet has been a popular destination from the Pacific Northwest’s boating community for nearly 100 years.

James MacDonald purchased 45 acres in Princess Louisa Inlet in 1927. He rejected an offer from someone who desired to purchase his land in 1953 for $400,000, a fortune back in those days. Instead, he gifted his property to the Boaters of the Pacific North West and kicked off a conservation project within the Inlet to protect the area for future generations to come. To date, there have been approximately 2,221 acres of land turned into parkland in the Inlet.

Egmont is located at the head of Sechelt Inlet 51 km north of Sechelt and is the closest point you can drive to the properties. Egmont was a small fishing village back in the day and, to some extent, it still is to this day. However, in recent years it has evolved into a port that services recreationalists and contractors that frequent the neighbouring inlets and islands in the area. There is a government marina and two private marinas in the area. Bathgates Marina offers a general store, marine fuel, moorage and accommodation. The Back Eddy has marine fuel, moorage, accommodation and a restaurant/pub.

Sechelt's central location on the southern peninsula of the Sunshine Coast makes it a natural hub for business, culture and tourism. With a population of 9,490, this thriving village is surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery and a natural seaside beauty that lends a special charm to the attractions and amenities of the Heart of the Sunshine Coast.

The Sechelt area climate is characterized by mild, moist winters and warm, dry summers. Temperatures on the Coast range from freezing in winter to highs of 30°C (90°F) in summer. The annual rainfall is approximately 100 cm (40 in). The Sunshine Coast is sheltered from the open Pacific, and the milder weather patterns result in very light snowfalls in the region.

The Sunshine Coast is split into two portions on either side of Jervis Inlet. Roughly speaking, the southern half between the ferry slips at Langdale and Earls Cove occupies the Sechelt Peninsula, while the northern half between the ferry slips at Saltery Bay and Lund sits on the Malaspina Peninsula.

Nelson Island
Nelson Island is named after Viscount Horatio Nelson, the hero of the British navy. Nelson Island sits at the mouth of Jervis Inlet guarding the secrets of Prince of Wales Reach and Queens Reach. Famous with the yachting crowd for the scenery and anchorages, the area has a lot to offer. It is one of the few spots on the Coast where you can feel the presence of the towering Coast Mountains while experiencing the expanse of the Strait of Georgia. It is a region with a mild, dry and semi-Mediterranean climate.

Powell River
Powell River is a full-service community with a population of 18,000 and is a year-round sea to sky recreation area. It is North America’s premier boating, trophy fishing and diving destination with its world-famous Desolation Sound Marine Park, award-winning marine and wilderness parks, golf courses, recreational facilities, services, shopping, dining, arts and culture.

Miles of hiking trails lead to beautiful lookouts, waterfalls or peaceful lakes which can be viewed along the 180 km Sunshine Coast Trail, and numerous recreational areas can be reached by logging roads owned by the logging companies. Boating and sports fishing are ardently pursued as all season sports. Marinas and government docks are available to residents and visitors.

Powell River is known as the “HOT SPOT” for winter diving in North America. The "Mermaid" at Mermaid Cove in Saltery Bay Provincial Park is an extra special attraction. The area also has some of the largest wolf eel and octopus in the world. Canoeing may also be enjoyed on the quiet lakes of Powell River or you can take in the Powell Forest Canoe Route circuit. Ocean canoeing and kayaking are very popular in Jervis Inlet, the Copeland Islands Marine Park, Malaspina Inlet, Okeover Arm and Desolation Sound. For all the nature lovers and sightseers, Powell River has many parks, viewpoints and beaches to explore, and the hiking club will help you take advantage of the many beautiful trails. Bird watching is also unprecedented.

Zoning :

Land Use Zone RU2 - Subdivision District I, permitting 10 acre minimum lot sizes
SCRD Electoral Area A Zoning Bylaw No. 337, 1990.

  • See page 24 - I Subdivision District
  • See page 86 - RU2 Zone (Rural Resource)

Additional zoning information can be found on the Sunshine Coast Regional District website.

Properties are classified as Managed Forest Land, visit the Managed Forest Council website for more information.

Legal :
  • District Lot 3523, New Westminster Land District Group 1 - PID 015-874-982
  • District Lot 3412, New Westminster Land District Group 1 - PID 015-874-974
  • District Lot 893, New Westminster Land District Group 1 - PID 015-874-966
Taxes :
  • District Lot 3523 - $742.89 (2018)
  • District Lot 3412 - $1,074.92 (2018)
  • District Lot 893 - $403.96 (2018)

2018 Total Taxes: $2,221.77

Boundaries : Please see mapping section - all boundaries are approximate.
Map Reference : 50°9'18.108"N and 123°49'57.079"W
Listing # : 19058